Terre di Casole Bike Hub | Itineraries
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Terre di Casole Bike Hub covers more than 700 km of paths and roads with low car circulation where you can stroll in the most charming corners of natural enchanting valleys, between vineyards, olive groves, fitting on yourself the bike and difficulty. Let our expert guides take you through the best cycling itineraries in the area, this will give you the possibility to discover all the hidden corners of our unique land. You might decide to go by yourself on one of the many tracks, enjoy pedaling in ascents, descents, hills, shady woods, stopping by a refreshment point and tasting local products or in one of the numerous points of environmental, historical and landscape interest, living an authenthic and unique experience.



I felt in love of this region because of its never-ending rolling hills, because of its art history, the food, wine and olive oil culture, its lifestyle. The bike is surely the best way to discover the most charming and interesting sites; are we going to live it together? Tourist and Mtb guide, speaking English, German and Tuscan.

Ingo Olie


Once a door closes another much bigger door opened and behind this one, a bicycle leaning against the wall, let me guide you through the soft sweet hills of Tuscany and old rustic farm houses, reaching remote locations and slowly tasting antique flavours. Surrounded by breathtaking panoramic scenes, pause… take a picture... time to go again.

Francesco Capria


I was born in Siena and I continue to live in Tuscany with the passion for sport, for outdoor life and I love sharing my territory with my family, friends and guests. My wife and I have refurbished an old farm developing a charming B&B and I live my working life taking amateurs and tourists on Bike tours and spectacular rides in Tuscany and abroad.

Andrea Rossi